Outdoor Inspirations

At first glance, one may think that Berlin Gardens is solely about creating the perfect backyard lifestyle. While that is part of our MISSION, we are equally passionate about influencing a Godly lifestyle among all of our stakeholders --our employees & their families, our customers, and our vendors.  In fact, our number one priority is to bring honor and glory to God in everything we do at Berlin Gardens.  Integral to this is our desire to develop Godly leaders--both at work and at home--who will exemplify those principles first taught by our Savior Jesus Christ over 2,000 years ago.

Our Legacy

Though our products are meant to endure the seasons, we are personally designed for eternity. And sharing the simple truth of eternal salvation through Christ is truly the essence of our efforts. That is the legacy we desire for Berlin Gardens.
Berlin Gardens, LLC is pleased to stand behind our products with our 20-year warranty on our residential products and a fi ve-year warranty on our commercial products. We will gladly provide you with our complete warranty upon request.